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Trusted Solutions Consultant Leadership, Digital Transformation Innovation, and [Hyper]automation.

Solutions Consulting

Innovative Digital Transformation Initiatives, Organizational Process Improvement, and [Hyper]Automation.

QA Test Automation Consulting

Equip your team for success! Analyze, establish, and enhance your QA Test Automation strategy. Lead best practices workshops, hands-on test framework design and improvement workshops and projects, incorporating continuous testing, continuous integration, and cross-functional team collaboration.

Sales Engineering Consulting

Sales Engineering Process Analysis, Optimization, Content Creation, Best Practices and Strategy for Continuous Improvement.

Sales Enablement Consulting

Analyze and establish your Lead Qualification Framework, Persona, Job Story, Hero Statement, Content Strategy, Sales Velocity, Post-Sale Strategy, and Sales & Marketing Continuous Collaboration Plan.


Event, Panel and Small Group Speaker on topics such as Digital Transformation, Thought Leadership, Sales Engineering, Solutions Consulting, Test Automation, Women in Technology and Neurodiversity in the Workplace.


Technical Webinar Creation, Planning, Software & Solution Demonstrations, Host and Guest Speaker.

Competitive Analysis

Software Product Comparison, Competitive Research, Battlecard Design & Creation and Technical Write Ups.

Blogging and White Papers

Content creation, research, authoring and ghostwriting. Common topics include Sales Engineering, Thought Leadership, Test Automation, Women in Technology and Neurodiversity in the Workplace.

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Trusted Solutions Consulting Leadership, Digital Transformation Innovation, and [Hyper]Automation.

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