Amanda Burma

Solutions Consultant | Digital Transformation Leadership, Innovation and Mentoring

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About Me

I am a tech innovator, leader, and mentor with start-up experience, spunk, and a “conquer all obstacles with grace” attitude.

Digital Transformation Leadership

Proven track record of architecting, implementing, and delivering transformational solutions in competitive fast-moving markets to each endeavor. As a trusted industry advisor, I engage international teams of all shapes and sizes, working with each to understand their unique needs and successfully implementing technologies to improve their business.

What I Do

Lead and manage the technical aspects of the solutions consulting process – Build and mentor a team of Solution Engineers – Provide technical expertise, solution design, sales enablement, and cross-functional collaboration – All contributing to the success of the team and helping drive revenue growth.

Professional Services

Trusted and Innovative Solutions Consulting Leadership in Digital Transformation, DevOps, QA Test Automation, Process Improvement, and Sales Enablement Initiatives.


Listening, sharing and supporting Solutions Consultants, Sales Engineerings and other professionals in their career growth as a trusted advisor. Giving back is an important aspect of who I am.

Growth Leadership

Demonstrated investment and commitment to my own growth as well as the growth of my direct employees and matrix team members.

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Talks about #womenintech, #digitaltransformation, #neurodiversity, #devops, #automation, #hyperautomation, #salesengineering, #transformationalleadership

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Trusted Solutions Consulting Leadership, Digital Transformation Innovation, and [Hyper]Automation.

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